Daruma & Maneki Neko

Daruma Doll

Daruma Dolls....A.K.A. Goal Dolls
are talismans of good luck,
popular when setting
goals such as starting a new business, studying for an important school
exam, landing the right job, etc.
Using black ink,  a single eye is filled
in while thinking of the goal.
Once the goal has been attained
through perserverance & hard work
the second eye is filled in.
The daruma should be placed prominently in the business , office, home, etc.
as a daily reminder of the goal!
Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko...A.K.A.....Welcoming Cat
is often seen in front of a business 
or one's home.
The cat's raised paw welcomes
good luck into wherever
it may sit!
Nowadays there are various colors
with the left or right paws raised.
Each welcoming anything
from good luck to good health!
The Makeni Neko along with
the Daruma have become
cultural pop Icons known
around the world!

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